We are open Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 3pm

Hey team, we are open and we would love to see you. Come get your Absolute fix.

Things might be a little different for a while as we settle into a new way of working, so please bear with us. We may alter our hours and menu as we go, but we are hoping to get things as back to normal as we can.

All Coffees / Drinks / Cabinet Food / + Selected Menu items... + special requests :) 
Order on our online store for pick up only by clicking a link for your favourites or have a look through our shop which has our current pick up menu.. 

If you can't get online we can take your order via TXT 0275464466

Order for pickup here!

SOS Vouchers

If you have an SOS voucher, when you checkout in the store in the coupon box enter in the appropriate voucher code as noted below and be sure to bring your voucher with you.

  • SOS5    for the $5 voucher
  • SOS25    for the $25 voucher
  • SOS100    for the $100 voucher


We are still doing takeaways but may not be able to provide a delivery service. We need to see how things go over the next few days.

By all means jump into our shop and order your takeaway and select a pick up time and we will get it ready for you.

Check out our Shop!

If you want to have a look around our online shop click this link.

Not all items are available at the moment but we hope to make everything available as we go.


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