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Mothers Day Atlantic Breakfast




We have gathered together all the ingredients you will need to create our Absolute Eggs bene breakfast at home.

This is recommended for 2 people and is one of our most popular dishes.  

Ciabatta x  4  (or you can replace with a  Kumara or Potato Rosti)   Eggs x 4 / Salmon x 2 / Hollandaise / Spices / Coffee / Nuts / 

The gift tray also comes with candles and complimentary sweets, orange juice and fresh coffee beans.

Cooking instructions:

Oil your pan and place your Salmon skin side down on a medium heat for 3.5 min.  Turn salmon and baste the salmon for 1.5 min then place into a warm oven to rest.

Have a pot with boiled water to cook your poached eggs, add a dash of white vinegar.    Once pot has boiled, turn heat to min (no bubbles) .  Create a whirlpool and crack your egg into the centre.  Repeat this process with all eggs.  After 2.5 min check eggs, once cooked removed from the water and set to drain on a cloth. 

Toast your Ciabatta 2 min 

Warm your hollandaise in a microwave for 10 seconds, no more.

Plate Up:  

Plate your ciabatta, top with your poached eggs, drizzle with hollandaise and add your salmon. 

Garnish your dish with spices provided or create your unique blend of seasonal spice, bon appetite! 

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